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Our sublimation print is ready to press onto any polyester or poly-coated item, creating a durable and long-lasting transfer. Don't have a polyester shirt? No problem! Check out our iron on transfers and order yours today. Be sure to read our instructions for a successful transfer and measure your garment to find the perfect size. 

Cotton t-shirts?
Iron On Transfers can be purchased on my website:

Sublimation & Iron on Instructions:

It's best to measure your t-shirt area (or other item) where you'd like the design, or pull out a ruler to check the sizes offered! 
--Adult - Image is printed as large as possible on 8.5x11 paper. I do not offer larger sizes at this time. 
I print the same size transfers for all adult clothing sizes.

--Youth - 6-8" (I can do any single youth in a 6" or 8", and some youth designs can can fit 2 per sheet. Please see the drop down menu)

--Infant - 4” (single or 4 per sheet)

--Koozie - 3” (6 per sheet, I'll print 9 if possible) 

**Sizes are approximate** The tallest or widest part of a design is how they're measured.

Instructions are sent digitally (as of 10/1/23) 


Sublimation, or dye sublimation printing, is a process where you use a special printer, special inks, and special paper to create a design to put on a variety of blank products. You then use a heat press to transfer the design onto a specially coated product blank. 


- Transfers must be used on specific material that is either polyester or a poly-coated hard surface.

- You must have a heat press OR Cricut Easy Press 2 (No Iron). Specific Temperature heat and pressure need to be applied evenly and consistently for a set amount of time for chemical transfer to take place. Sublimation transfers are not iron-on transfers

- White or very light substrates are recommended only.

- When choosing fabric, 100% Polyester is best for the most vivid color output. The lower the polyester count, the lower the color output. Sublimation on less than 65% is NOT recommended. 

- Sublimation does not print "white" ink. If the transfer is not sublimated on a white item, all the colors, especially white, will take on the color of the substrate.

-Dye sublimation transfers will absolutely NOT work on 100% cotton, hemp, wool, or natural fabrics. Use nothing less than 65% polyester or the image will NOT be visible.

To use on cotton t-shirts or colored t-shirts you can use a white or white glitter vinyl and then sublimate on top of that. I do not provide specific instructions for this but there are youtube videos explaining how to do use, along with a few reviews in my shop. 

Shirt Space
Jiffy Shirts
Shirt Max
There are also small shops that sell pre-bleached t-shirts

If you're new to sublimation there are great youtube videos showing how to do the process. 

Please look over the polices page on this listing - Including the shipping and turn around times. 

Orders of $35+ always ship for free on Etsy! $80+ get free Priority shipping! 

If you're purchasing these sublimation transfers for your business, save your digital receipt! They're a tax write off! 

Thank you for looking, please reach out with any questions you may have!

Evil Queen Fall Halloween Sublimation Print - Ready to Press

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